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Eastlawn Cemetery - Far East Asian Cemetery in Columbus, OH offers funeral arrangements and grave markers for your deceased loved ones. We can help you decide on the right grave space and marker for your loved one. From monuments to headstones and more. We've been locally owned and operated in Columbus for many years. Call Eastlawn Cemetery - Far East Asian Cemetery today.


We offer numerous options that include single, companion, and multiple niche features that can be personalized to a person or family. Shapes and sizes vary based on need.
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A flush granite marker is designed to be installed ground level for ease in grass lawn mowing. Typically they are rectangular in shape and come in a large variety of premium granite colors. These markers are available in single or double/companion sizes. They may have sandblasted lettering and carved or diamond etched designs. Cremation Grave Markers may be used on a traditional single grave for cremation companion burials.
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